TEDx: The Bible Told Me So

June 11, 2011

I had the opportunity to summarize my Bible reading and ThumpMe blog at TEDx Lansing in May. In December, when I finished the Bible, I wrote a small conclusion. It was paltry but it’s impossible, even now, to effectively express what I learned during the six months of reading this monstrosity. The TEDx Lansing invitation forced me to reflect on the experience four months after the fact.

So, if you’re interested, here’s part of what I learned.

TEDxLansing-Ivy Hughes-The Bible Told Me So

10 Responses to “TEDx: The Bible Told Me So”

  1. Q. said

    I’m going to watch this when it’s not 5 a.m., but I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I have enjoyed your thoughts and your journey through the Bible. You’re a vastly unique person and I’ve enjoyed watching your brain work. And if you’re ever passing back through AR, let me know. I live in a dry county, so we don’t really have a dive bar, but I will totally buy you an ice cream cone. (I think ice cream > beer anyway.)

    • thumpme said

      Thank you for reading. I appreciate it and hope I provided some interesting (if not completely off the wall) insight. I’m off to other adventures in Europe. I move Aug. 12 and will likely start a blog (topic pending) when I settle in.

  2. Noah said

    Hey Ivy, I enjoyed watching your talk. I’m sad you don’t live in Lansing anymore as I was looking forward to you visiting my church someday! If you’re ever around, please know that I’d love to meet you and hear your feedback on what we’re doing as a church ministry. We changed our church name to Crossroads Church and moved (again) to 105 W. Allegan. Know that I’ll be praying for you,
    p.s. beer > ice cream !

  3. John Mitts said

    Ivy…your on quite a quest. I’m impressed your willingness to share intimate details of your life. I wish you luck, as most live their whole lives never bothering to question that what was driven into their young minds growing up, or perhaps that nothing was. I still search for what might not be answered untill I leave this body for my next big adventure. You have matured into a most interesting person!

  4. Mike Cope said

    Ivy – Thanks for the link. I watched the speech this morning. Through this whole experience of your reading and reflecting on the Bible, I’ve been struck by your honesty and humor.

    Last night, at the Christian Scholars Conference at Pepperdine University (yes, yes, someone has to come out to Malibu), I heard Dr. Francis Collins, the former head of the Genome Project and the current director of the National Institutes of Health, sing and play a hymn I hadn’t heard before. It included these words:

    Far beyond our calculation
    lies a depth we cannot sound
    Where your purpose for creation
    and the pulse of life are found.

    In my mind, you’ve been exploring that “depth we cannot sound.” I know the journey continues. Safe travels!

  5. marg said

    I wanted to listen to your video but it wouldn’t play for me. I’ll check back again another time…

  6. marg said

    I tried it again and it worked!

    Ivy, I hope you will keep your heart open to finding truth.

  7. marg said

    Have you ever felt like something was crawling on your skin only to look at the spot with your eyes and discover nothing was there? Relying totally on your feelings brought you to a wrong conclusion. Sight revealed the truth.

    I wonder if you have done that with God.

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