Yep. After reading a piece about blessing dogs, we had to add a subculture section. If you have any interesting, off-beat ideas related to church or dive bars — any church or dive bar — please contact us or subscribe to ThumpMe by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page.

No. 15

Though they may seem normal, some parents are actual cult leaders.

YouTube’s Craziest Baby Preachers: Viral Video Film

No. 14

Religious advice/theory from a guy in PJs who repeatedly says he’s not sure his information is factual and refers to Christianity as a “sperm” religion. I don’t know how anyone could take offense. It’s just hilarious.

death cult religion blind slaves wake up part 1 of 3

No. 13

This person, John Piper, is of the archaic opinion that women should submit to spousal physical and emotional abuse and then run to the church for help. What do I think? I think he needs a swift kick in the ass and a knockout fist to the face.

John Piper: Does a woman submit to abuse?

Thank you Preacher Mike for bringing this to my attention.

No. 12

So this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, a website designated to DIVE BARS. I’m going to keep my eye on this. Some of it’s a bit different than what I do but it’s worth checking out.

No. 11

This would kill me.

No. 10

Now we know where Christian Rock ‘n Roll originated.

The outfits, the head bobbing and the lyrics alone are beyond words. Here’s a sample:

“Jesus is a friend of mine. He loves me when I’m right. He loves me when I’m wrong. He loves me when I waste my time by writing silly songs.”

By all means, check this one out.

Jesus Roll’D

No. 9

Reading the Bible raises a lot of questions, but I have never wondered if God screwed up the voice boxes of those living in the U.K. This is fabulous.

Why do people in the U.K. have funny voices? Did God mess up when creating their voice box?”

No. 8

Even if you love Genesis, this is entertaining. Ricky Gervais on religion, the serpent and the French.

Ricky Gervais Bible Comedy Part 1

No. 7

I really am immature. This was inspired by Sunday yoga. For me, yoga is church. It’s also an untapped alternative energy resource. All yoga studios should have methane digesters.

Pootin’ and Tootin’ in the PEWS

No. 6

No. God doesn’t “hate fags,” he hates you. I can’t stand people like this. Obviously they’ve never read the Bible. Incidentally, from 2:30 to 3:30, Nov. 18, they’ll be at East Lansing High School. Hope to see you there. Protest.

Video: God Hates Fags

No. 5

“I don’t think this is a religious war. I think this is a war between evil people who are willing to kill on a mass scale…”

So, people like us?

Bush is a universalist?

No. 4

Thank you Comedy Central.

Kurt Metzger — Religious Tolerance

No. 3.

We’ve all seen these amazing signs. Please feel free to send me some. We’d love to post them.

No. 2.

This absolutely fits in with “Puff the Magic Prophet.”

What role did drugs play in the Bible?

No. 1.

Gospel Dance Aerobics #1

(Video provided by

This is simply amazing. As a former aerobics instructor, I can appreciate the outfits. As a non-believer reading the Bible, I appreciate the incorporation of the Gospel though I can’t understand anything that woman is singing.

One Response to “Subculture”

  1. thumpme said

    I caught a glimpse of this Conan episode and couldn’t stop myself from googling “Jesus Inspirational Sports Statues.” Take a gander at the video first, if you will, then check out the catholic shopper website. (I’m really banking on getting the gymnastics one as a stocking stuffer!!!!)


    Catholic Shopper:



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