No. 3

To my knowledge, Preacher Mike is the first church authority — sorry Mike, couldn’t think of another descriptor — to pay attention to ThumpMe.

Preacher Mike (Mike Cope) lives in Abilene, Texas and teaches at Abilene Christian University. He’s also the vice president of the non-profit educational organization Heartbeat.

Preacher Mike was kind enough to talk to us about Jesus’ sense of humor, the devil and family deviation from the church. Check it out here.

No. 2

Pastor Noah Filipiak is young, smart and far from a thumper. He’s using his church, Barefoot Christian Church, as a pulpit to build community and understanding in Lansing, Mich. His approach to religion could encourage a person like me to convert…if conversion were a possibility.

We did a q and a with Filipiak asking him about Hosea, mega churches and Bible burnout. Check it out here.

No. 1

We’re excited to introduce our guest bloggers. We’re hoping to have a couple up a week. Please check back to see what’s going on.

1. Guest Blogger, Laura Talley, creator Redheaded Skeptic.

From Baptist to Atheist. Check her out.

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