My new plan: drinking and diving.

Church Sunday. Dive bars Tuesday. Posts Monday and Wednesday.

No. 8

L Capitan, Holly, Mich.

Here we good a twofer. Maybe a threefer. One, guest blogger. Two, a sampling of a good ‘ol fashioned Midwestern bar. Three, a hatchet, a madwoman and a captain.

No. 7

Scotty O’Brian’s, Loveland, Colo.

I’m still looking for blue-collar America. I’m not finding it in Colorado. Help needed.

No. 6

Town Pump, Ft. Collins, Colo.

Clever signs regarding sex, politics, beer and marijuana keep me entertained. I don’t consider this a dive bar but the rest of the city does. A glimpse into Colorado dives.

No. 5

Vogel Family Lounge, Ft. Collins, Colo.

I’ve moved in with my parents so I can travel and restart my life. Thankfully my roommates are wet. I missed the Mexican bar I so desired but dirty feet, Tecate and a sunny porch worked just fine. Have a sip.

No. 4

T-Bar Lounge, Wellington, Colo.

True taste of the calming of the Wild West. Weather reports. Ellen. Free beer? Not bad.

No. 3

Various Bars, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi doesn’t really do dive bars. Fortunately I’m naturally sort of divey so I can make dandelions out of roses. Oh, I also lose clothing so that helps in the ghetto fab arena. Go diving.

No. 2

Ohio Club, Hot Springs, Ark.

Not exactly a dive, the Ohio Club was a favorite gambling, drinking, ogling stop for numerous U.S. gangsters. Unfortunately these guys are long gone. But it was still worthwhile as I saw some amazing body parts in the bathhouse. Here it is.

No. 1

Long Branch Bar, Laporte, Colo.

Before heading to the Long Branch, my dad causally mentioned his affiliation with an individual who was shot and killed on the premise. Though intimidating, the Long Branch Bar rocks. Check it out.

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