Posts from Colombia

March 29, 2011

Despite the many satellites outside my window, I’m having tech issues. I always tell my dad most of his computer problems are user error related. I think the same is true here. Either way, I have a Bible post and a bar post but getting them on the web from Columbia will be dicey.

There’s probably some reason for all of this. Perhaps God’s intervening in order to get me to the Brokeback Mountain bar, which was closed earlier today. I can take a hint. Giddy up!

3 Responses to “Posts from Colombia”

  1. Steve 'the boat pusher' said

    How the F did u end up in Columbia?

    • thumpme said

      Needed to get away. Now I’m in England and in about a month I’ll be in Iceland and Europe. Just exploring I guess you could say. Colombia was a jump in with both feet kind of move.

  2. […] no secret that Americans fear Colombia. The only thing we know of it is drugs and violence. Thanks to U.S. intervention, again, in […]

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