‘Til Death Do Us Part*

May 3, 2011

*Let us clarify. By death, we mean the marriage can be dissolved for any of the following reasons: Large arguments; small arguments included but not limited to those concerning the agricultural categorization of a tomato and the merits of golf as a leisure activity or a sport; mid-life crises; general boredom and dissatisfaction with life; dirty dishes; ugly children; the discovery of anything that’s bigger, better and more interesting than what you have; drug allergies; delayed bi-curiosities and outside influence.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, England

Various hours

Chosen because…missing it would be like going to Rome and not dropping by the ‘ol Vatican.

Sigh. Watch this. Bride loses it because her husband’s family apparently doesn’t have the mental capacity to effectively participate in wedding day activities which, oddly enough, include a rousing game of the board game Clue.

Would you marry this woman?: Latest Bridezilla Meltdown! 

St. Paul’s Cathedral is gorgeous. I’m thrilled to go in. Until I learn the cost of admission, which is something like the equivalent of $36 U.S. if you want to get a view from the top. I bolt for the door. My tour guide grabs my elbow and forces me through the Capitalist gates. (Photo is the view from the top of the Cathedral. Can’t take pics inside.)

I’ve said this 1,000 times but opulence and a complete disregard for Jesus’ teachings – poverty, good will, helping others – is one reason I hate church as a walled institution. It’s the same reason I’m fairly anti-marriage – people get too caught up in flowers, budgets, color schemes and board games to think about what they’re doing, what it means and if it’s for them.

This comes from a recently divorced woman, a divorcee, a social pock-mark but hey, I went for ceremony when I didn’t want it and though I don’t think it impacted my marriage, I certainly let the grand idea of a wedding as well as outside influences and second hand experiences occasionally sway dealings within my marriage.

I wish more people – myself included – would go beyond the pomp. Beyond churches as symbols, holidays as economic bustiers and weddings as events.

Perfect example: The Royal Wedding. My trip to St. Paul’s happens a few weeks before the wedding, but for the next few weeks, the cathedral haunts. It’s on every news channel and in every paper, commentators speculating on guest list dust ups, Kate Middleton’s relationship with the church and her ability to look like a royal by W-Day.

I hope the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a lovely life, I really do, but standing in St. Paul’s Cathedral, listening to reporters say things like, “Oh look at them, you can just tell they’re in love” is like nails on a chalkboard. How is marriage between  man, woman and, for believers, God, everyone but the bride, groom and God have an opinion?

I suppose the trip up St. Paul’s stairwells was worth $36 but I leave feeling the same way I do after exiting many wedding receptions. What is the point?

I must admit that I would have thoroughly enjoyed the royal wedding had I been invited, the Syrian ambassador to the U.K. hadn’t had his invitation renigged and the lovely princess sat me between him and her drug and booty loving uncle, Gary Goldsmith. That’s the kind of pomp and circumstance I look for.

4 Responses to “‘Til Death Do Us Part*”

  1. Linda said

    You have made excellent observations about what is wrong with church and marriages. Trouble is, Christ loved the church so much that he DIED for it. And, marriage was instituted by God to teach us what the beautiful relationship between Christ and his bride the church should look like. We are not called by the Spirit of God to sit on the bleachers & criticize either one. We ARE called to be in marriage and to be in the family of God, the church, to show our love and gratitude to Jesus and God for what they have done for us by serving in these institutions. I say none of this in criticism of you but in love. Try choosing a church for some other reason than the building. Plenty of churches are helping those in need with a spirit of good will. Don’t be afraid to find one and be on the serving side.

  2. Linda said

    I should have said “Truth is” not “Trouble is.”

  3. Linda said

    The very next blog I clicked on was this one. Here’s a church you might try.

    (not my church, I am a long way from Alabama.)

    • thumpme said

      I’ve actually been to church events like this. I covered them when I worked for a small paper in Colorado. I just choose churches based on the building/website, etc. because I want to hit different denominations but do not live in an area where I know anyone that really goes to church so I don’t get any invites. It’s an imperfect science. As for marriage, I really don’t think it’s for everyone and I think I might be one of those people.

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