Abortion is a Choice, Not a Sin

February 28, 2011

St. Joseph’s Church, Fort Collins, Colo.

8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Chosen because…good Catholic friend in town

I will never go back to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, not because I tainted the holy water in elementary school, but because it’s the most judgmental church I’ve visited. Nothing about St. Joe’s embodies peace, love or understanding.

Before I delve into my own judgments, let me say I know it’s contradictory to condemn judgment and then judge but processing experience necessarily requires judgment. Also, this opinion is based on the 1.5 hours I spent in one church. By no means do I think all Catholics adhere to these values or lack there of.

Choice, Freewill, Abortion

From the street, St. Joe’s is beautiful. From the street, you can’t see the picture of a fetus (it isn’t graphic) framed by words urging congregants to pray to end abortion.  I don’t care what people think about abortion. Life, choice, whatever. I also don’t care about political views. Democrat, Republican, anarchist, whatever. What irritates the living hell out of me is listening to a priest tell a hundred people or so how they should feel about abortion or politics.

Unfortunately for the congregation and the advancement of peace and understanding through Christ, this priest focused on condemning those who make poor choices, such as abortion. Well, that and contradicting himself.

One of the day’s teachings included the following:

“…we should not be passing judgments on others, for this is the Lord’s right. Rather, we should joyfully await his return, when all shall be brought to light.”

Sometimes I’m a little slow, but the Bible led me to believe that there’s only one God. Google’s helped me understand that there’s billions of people on this earth so, if the relatively small St. Joe congregation judges those who abort, doesn’t that mean that more than 100 people in tiny little Ft. Collins are playing God?

Good Old Catholic Spanking

My dad was raised Catholic. He’s got some great stories about naked swimming and nun brutality. While I can’t speak to his experiences, heavy-handed Catholics continue whacking from the pews.

The woman in front of me had three kids. The husband immediately left with the little one. The poor thing was terribly sick but I would have preferred her fever and hacking cough to time with mom who, between praying and singing, occupied her time by whacking her sons on the head, pinching their arms, yanking their wrists, flicking them in the middle of the cranium with her thumb and pointer finger and threatening spankings.

Doesn’t Catholicism sound fun?

The Punisher didn’t smile, but neither did anyone else. I saw a lot of kids and a lot of young parents — good honest Catholics using the ‘ol rhythm method, holding tight to their anti-abortion stance — but I didn’t see many smiles and I certainly didn’t feel like I was part of a community. In fact, not one person returning from communion reception looked happy or even content even. Either something’s askew in the church or Christ tastes like garbage.

Not that they’d want me, but I’m passing on Catholicism.

NOTE: Once again I blew it with the pics. I took plenty, but I’m out-of-town and forgot the adapter. I’ll add them when I return.


8 Responses to “Abortion is a Choice, Not a Sin”

  1. Steve 'the boat pusher' said

    Nice post. I enjoy reading because you speak your honest opinion… not concerned about aiming to be popular. It should be no more than 5 minutes until someone posts telling you how your opinion is wrong/incorrect and how their opinion is more fully thought out.

  2. marg said

    I know this is a hot topic. And I really don’t want to get into any debate. But I totally disagree that abortion is not a sin. It’s murder. (“sin”-theology: A condition of estrangement from God as a result of breaking His law.)

    But it isn’t unforgivable. And my heart goes out to all those who have had an abortion and now live with the consequences…which encompass physical as well as emotional and mental complications/issues.

    • thumpme said

      I know a lot of people feel this way but how do you feel about churches preaching about this and/or politics?

      • marg said

        Personally, I believe the Bible should be taught in churches. However, in teaching the Bible, many preachers offer practical applications of its teaching as well. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Some people simply don’t know how to apply what they learn without a practical application.

        Frankly, if more preachers would concentrate on teaching their people what the Bible is all about and the truths that can be found all through it, and do so with a love for their people (rather than thumping them with it 😉 ), then people would know what God’s heart is like and how to vote and make decisions that honor and glorify God, and they’d want to do so out of a love for God…not out of obligation or fear. Then there would be no felt “need” for pulpit-pounding.


      • thumpme said

        Very reasonable. Now, if we could convince the world of that.

  3. marg said


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