Didda Dadda Blaldd Einanh Appa Tunna K

December 1, 2010

When the Holy Sprit first arrived, onlookers were a bit confused, mistaking those who understood the Holy Spirit for unwieldy alcoholics. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is responsible for the horrifying, cult-like activity we refer to as “speaking in tongues.”

Renee and girls speaking in tongues

I cannot believe people continue this insane display especially because the Holy Spirit isn’t a mental illness, it’s inner peace.

According to the Acts: “…when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be filled with power.”

Power. Not insanity. The Holy Spirit is equal parts id, ego and super-ego. It’s balance and when we are balanced, we have the power to effectively govern our lives.

Aside from the tongue loonies, the individuals in the Bible that have the Holy Spirit are calm and unwavering in their dedication to sharing the Lord’s message. Conceptually, the Holy Spirit is the same as a harmonious id, ego and super-ego. Those who can pull it off are content with themselves and satisfied with whatever they deem to be their purpose.

But, other than emoting a metaphor from a pew, how does one find that sense of calm?

Stopping Point: More Acts

5 Responses to “Didda Dadda Blaldd Einanh Appa Tunna K”

  1. Linda said

    I started reading your blog when a preacher that I follow referenced it in his blog. You were somewhere in the prophets at the time. I am 63, a Christian since age 7. I read to watch your progress and pray for wisdom & understanding for you. I see that God has placed a wise counselor in your life now and I am grateful! I don’t remember if you said what translation your are reading. My NIV says in Acts 2:11 that the crowds of foreigners heard the gospel spoken in their native tongues. This was so that the last verse of Matthew could be carried out – the spread of the gospel throughout the whole earth. Keep reading & I will keep following!

  2. thumpme said

    Hilariously, I have no idea what version I’m reading. It says, “The Good News Bible.” My mother-in-law gave it to me. It has some really awful pictures, but I think it’s hilarious that I’m reading an adult Bible with photos. I can ask her which version it is. It also says, “Today’s English Version.” I have no idea what that means.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. TN Lizzie said

    Ivy, Some well-meaning Christians get up in arms over which translation of the Bible is most accurate to the originals. Not being a Greek and Hebrew scholar, I don’t know enough to debate or divide over it.

    I strongly suspect that there is enough Truth that is true in “The Good News Bible” in “Today’s English Version” to keep you busy enough for now.

    I grew up in church, and I liked those pictures. They were nice and easy to color… um, as long as I could keep my colored pencils sharpened! – sigh, you’ve brought back a slew of memories! :o)

    The first Bible I bought as a new 21yo Christian was a Precious Moments Children’s Bible – New King James Version. I missed the word “Children’s” until I got it home and opened it up. LOL! It still works just fine!

  4. […] I’m fascinated by a woman in the front who looks like she’s leading a Jazzercise class. She disappears. She either had to suddenly tie her shoe or she’s fallen to the ground. When she pops back up, she sits in a chair fanning herself so I think she was probably writhing. […]

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