An Interview with Preacher Mike

October 18, 2010

Preacher Mike was kind enough to interview me about ThumpMe. We talked about guacamole, Bible highlights, sections I could do without and, of course, Bible thumpers.

I have to say I’m kind of shocked by the response. Preacher Mike seems to have a pretty open-minded following, which goes to show that most of us operate in the middle, but are represented by the extremes.

If you’re interested in reading the interview, check it out here.

6 Responses to “An Interview with Preacher Mike”

  1. Mike Cope said

    Thanks so much for the interview, Ivy. You’re a great writer; I’m anxious to continue hearing your reflections as you finish your project.

    I have been hearing and reading the Bible since my earliest days (raised in a small Church of Christ in Missouri). So it’s hard for me to imagine reading the books of the Bible for the first time.

    So for me, your reading is fresh and thoughtful. Keep it up!

  2. TN Lizzie said

    Ivy – I followed a link on Mike’s blog to your blog. I have never done what you are doing, and I’ve been a Christian for years. I’ve done lots of studying, but have never read all 66 books straight through.

    Hang in there through the minor prophets. I suspect that many things you’ve read in the Old Testament will begin to make a lot of sense when you see them again in the New Testament.

    Thanks for letting us go along on this journey with you. I am learning a lot by reading your comments!

  3. TN Lizzie said

    Aww, now. It’s just 12:36am where I am…

  4. […] To my knowledge, Preacher Mike is the first church authority — sorry Mike, couldn’t think of another descriptor — to pay attention to ThumpMe. […]

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