Compassionate Care

October 11, 2010

Unfortunately I’ve been spending a lot of time with doctors and I’m disappointed to say that I’m more disturbed by the lack of respect doctors have for their patients then I am by my unresolved physical issues.

I live a block from Marijuana Row in Lansing, Mich., a connected, quiet string of innocuous shops operating under Michigan’s fairly new medical marijuana law. You can say whatever you want about medical marijuana or recreational bong rips, but aside from filling empty storefronts, the only thing I’ve noticed about these businesses is that unlike traditional western medical facilities, their marquees focus on “compassion” and “care.”

Isaiah prophesized that God would bless with people with a “glorious future,” but only after they started respecting each other and the Lord. Humans listened back then, but what about now? How can modern civilization possibly have a glorious future if some of our most revered professionals — doctors — refuse to respect their patients?

Today I spent two hours at the Lansing Urgent Care Clinic. I view these clinics as the Wal-Marts of medicine and avoid them at all costs however, I could sleep last night because I’ve had an infection in my foot since Friday — the second infection I’ve had since surgery in May — and since my ortho was in surgery and his partner told me I could either “wait until tomorrow” and see my doctor or “go to the emergency room,” I went to the clinic.

I’m appalled that a specialist would be so flippant about this situation. Fever, vomiting, swollen foot, round two? Does this sound like something that can wait? I’m not a doctor so I may just be crazy, but does this look normal?

This is the third time in two weeks a medical professional has told me to go to the emergency room for non-emergency they could, if they cared, resolve. Regarding my other issue, I can’t see any specialists until December. When I scheduled the appointments, both receptionists acted as if I’d asked the Queen of Sheba to headline a strip club, interrupted me and told me that if I couldn’t handle the extreme, unpredictable cramping, vomiting, etc. until December, I could go to the emergency room.

My middle finger is on the rise. I’ll keep it to the keys for one final example. Today, a different medical professional at a different facility, gave me a prescription for medication I specifically said I wouldn’t fill. When I asked about alternative medicine, she said something like, “Well, you’d have to take like eight different vitamins — I can’t remember all of them, forgive me, it’s only 8 a.m. but I can get you the list if you want — but most people don’t like that option because they have to take a lot more pills instead of one and they also have to pay about $200 a month at a natural store. It’s expensive. So it would probably be easier for you to take this.”

“I’m not going to fill that.”

“Well I would never give you something I wouldn’t take myself. Just trust me.”

How am I supposed to respect a medical professional incapable of even listening to what I want?

When she handed me the prescription she said, and I quote, “Don’t worry about reading all of the information included with the prescription. It really doesn’t matter. I would never give you something I wouldn’t take myself.”

I trust myself, an untrained writer, more than any of my doctors so I’m going to throw out all the pills and see what happens. If I can’t respect my doctors, at least I can respect myself. Hopefully God will understand that in the 21st Century, some of the people we respect the most care the least.

Stopping Point: The Book of Jeremiah


5 Responses to “Compassionate Care”

  1. “Today, a different medical professional at a different facility, gave me a prescription for medication I specifically said I wouldn’t fill. ”

    Why? If you don’t mind my asking.

    • thumpme said

      I didn’t want to try it because a) I felt the diagnosis was inaccurate and b) I have very little faith in the practitioner. What kind of medical professional tells a person not to worry about educating themselves about chemicals they’re going to swallow? It’s really amazing. I feel like a lab rat.

      • I have a certain amount of sympathy for medical practitioners who say that because of what the legal situation is like. If, for example, in all the studies done with a certain drug, even one person got the tiniest bit of an upset stomach, “MAY CAUSE NAUSEA” legally has to go on the warning label.

        And depending on how one researches medicine (how most people do it, Google) one can end up with all the wrong answers.

      • thumpme said

        Yeah, I understand that aspect. I just wish they would listen a little more. Right now I feel like I’m just getting run over, like my concerns don’t matter. It’s really frustrating.

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