God’s Work or Masochism?

August 16, 2010

I will be posting late today/early tomorrow. My husband and I are out-of-state interviewing for something some might consider God’s work. Others may view it as a tortuous insight into federal bureaucracy.

Will get to yesterday’s reading as soon as possible. Thanks for checking in!


2 Responses to “God’s Work or Masochism?”

  1. I suppose you probably know our take on this, right? All work can be God’s work–with a few extreme exceptions like human trafficking and such. Most of us don’t really consider those possible forms of work for us, though.

    My wife works in a community theater. It’s God’s work. And not because she shows up everyday with her Jesus arm band and a bible to thump. (Just to be clear, she does neither of those things.)

    • thumpme said

      Understood. This opportunity would just require a selflessness that I’m not sure I possess. So for me, it’s a major step and it exemplifies what I would consider “God’s work.” Or, a major commitment to others. We’ll see where it goes.

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