Gay David

July 14, 2010

Interpretation is perhaps the most compelling and contentious component of Bible study. It’s also the most liberating.

I always thought God despised homosexuality, but he doesn’t. In fact, in the story of David, he chooses homosexuality over heterosexuality. Earlier in the Bible God directly addresses his distain for sodomy but in the Book of Samuel, he indirectly addresses homosexuality and he approves. I think this giant elephant is often missed because humans, particularly Americans, ignore that which they disapprove of as long as it’s not thrown their face. Think politics, family, work, environment, happiness, economy. Religion.

Here’s a quick rundown. David is the attractive guy who kills the big ugly mass that is Goliath. God loves him, but he’s not too thrilled with King Saul. Saul’s son, Jonathan is “deeply attracted to David and came to love him as much as he loved himself.” Jonathan protects David from Saul, who hates David as fervently as Jonathan loves him. Eventually the J and D go into a field and promise to love each other. After the field, Jonathan returns to Saul who beats him for not being “ritually pure.” Ritually pure refers to many things — animals, food, what have you — but it plays a major role in sexual relationships. Saul gets pissed and beats Jonathan for being rebellious.

Then J and D rendezvous in the field once more only this time they’re joined by a young boy and his arrows. Jonathan saves David once again and “…both he (David) and Jonathan were crying as they kissed each other; David’s grief was even greater than Jonathan’s.” Then they make a “secret promise of friendship to each other.”

OK heterosexual men. How many of you have made a secret promise of a friendship with another man and then cried and kissed him in joy?

When David goes to a priest for some bread, the priest tells him he “…can have it if your men haven’t had any sexual relations recently,” but he doesn’t specify the nature of the relationships. There are several references to David “hiding,” “spears” and other homosexual undertones. David also tries to make peace with Saul by bringing him 200 enemy foreskins. That’s not gay. It’s just gross.

In the end, the Lord has to pick Saul or David. He has to “…judge which one of us (Saul or David) is wrong!”

Guess what? He picks David.

If you want a more detailed rundown, check out this video. It was produced by the “The Gay Bible Project, which has its own agenda but I couldn’t find a video addressing this topic on GodTube — if you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist.

The Gay Bible Project: David and Jonathan

In this portion of the Bible, Saul battles with his own homosexual tendencies and is made miserable by suppression. Perhaps this is the real lesson here — Rejecting ones self can only result in a lifetime of torture. Perhaps.

Of course, this is all open to interpretation.

Stopping Point: Second Book of Samuel

6 Responses to “Gay David”

  1. Ryan Knott said

    There’s a lot I want to say about this post. I think you make an incredibly important point about how all religious texts are open to interpretations by the readers … in fact, EVERYTHING we read is open to being influenced by the biases and life experiences we bring. No one reads with a virginal mind.

    Most importantly, though, I think “Gay David” would be a great name for a band.

  2. Ellenita said

    Now you’ve hit the nail right on the head!!~! I wish I could repeat this to my more fervcntly right wing friends! Keep up the good work. Ellenita

  3. […] to hold onto those who scooted through and ran out of my dating favor. I live my life according to David’s son, the Philosopher, an influential and often morbidly pessimistic man who doesn’t allow for […]

  4. TN Lizzie said

    Wow? Well, keep reading…

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